The Cupertino Progressive represents the efforts of three recent graduates—two with a background in public policy and one in design (me)—to galvanize support for local issues among other young residents who were still, like us, registered to vote in our home town.
For this purpose, we created a voter guide which addressed every issue on the extensive California (and local) ballot.
Young voter engagement in local and state issues is poor, partially due to "ballot fatigue"—Californian ballots, which have dozens of propositions, are often too dense for the average (especially young) voter to handle. Coming off a summer of widespread progressive action, we detailed how that energy could best translate to a decision for every item on the ballot.
Our guide, designed for print and web viewing, gained 3,000+ reads within two weeks, with the average engagement lasting five minutes. This was accompanied by a small social media campaign which highlighted high-impact issues.
Credits for The Cupertino Progressive:
Eric Crouch, Editor
Michaela Murphy, Editor
Zach Sanchez, Editor and Art Director